Efficient packaging design

Efficient packaging design   The following will list proposals and ideas about secondary packaging of goods for the purpose of transport, will also be related other ways of use and if it is really necessary to use them, perceptions and points of view for the use of this equipment accompanied by its advantages, containing a brief description of how this affect the consumer at the time of purchase.  • We can start by talking about the improvements that each secondary packaging could offer in its composition, and each product has numerous different characteristics, but from a perspective More generally, we have the following ideas:  • Significant size reduction, using materials lighter with less volume, without giving up too much protection.  • Transform, if possible, the primary packaging and secondary into one, thus saving on all its stages of production and delivery to the consumer. Now On the influence of secondary packaging on consumer purchase:  • Yes, most of the time secondary pa

Food Fusion: Asian and American Types of proposed innovations:


Food Fusion: Asian and American-olimpomudas

Food Fusion: Asian and American

here are my ideas,how they can be created with different flavors.

Types of proposed innovations:

The Following List is made up of variations

of Asian and American (US) meals are

separated into 2 types “handheld” and “served on the

dish” is subdivided into 7 more parts with the

following countries of inspiration for ideas:

Thailand, China, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia,

south korea and india.

The innovations will be with a brief

description about its ingredients and how they will be

in its final composition, bearing in mind that the

American cuisine is largely based on

in fast food and fast food, having some

exceptions that will also be present in this

article, adding that the names of

snacks and meals will be in “Parenthesis”

to better identify the idea. These

food can be eaten at any time

whenever the hypothetical customer wanted, as they are

meals that aim to impact the greatest

number of people ethnicities and time zones


Let's go.

Innovations from Japan:

1)• “Cooked Sushi” Served in a handheld, in portions

similar to cheese bread.

2)• “Roasted or fried sushi” served in a handheld,

portion similar to cheese bread.

3)• “Fried Sashimi” served in a handheld with cheese.

and other side dishes like ketchup and


4)• “American Temaki” Practically a temaki

fried in its general composition.

5)• Boat with sushi, practically with fries in

some of their sushi and sashimi having a

variation of each type. “Hossomaki Mix”

6)• “Lamen Americano” with the typical flavors of the

fast food, also having sweet versions.

7)• “Compound Sushi” Taking the sushi and its

variations and dismantling it in greater portion,

example: Rice, seaweed and fish that can

whether or not to be boiled, fried or baked, etc.

8)• “Gioza Grande” the same dumpling only

changes the main stuffing to pork

to be served and eaten on the plate.

9)• “Stuffed Misoshiro” similar to a ramen

but keeping the same composition and idea of ​​the

original food, adding more food

tasty and also healthy to make the

taste more flavorful and appetizing to the eyes.

Innovations from China:

10)• Fried Rice with other roasts, served in the

dish. “Chinese Fried”

11)• “Chinese mincemeat DOG”, with various types of

Chinese taste meat like beef


12)• “Tofu skewer” with typical salads

Chinese wrapped on a skewer.

13)• “Japanese Yakisoba” more resembling the

ramen in its composition, being able to be a

taste of the same.

Innovations from Thailand:

14)• Spicy salad with vegetables (Spicy Thai)

served together in the hot dog stuffed with mashed

potato. “Dog Thai”

15)• Fried chicken with typical Thai salads.

accompanying with Asian sauce (Sriracha)

"Thailand chicken"

16)• “Mac n Chese” (Macaroni and Cheese) Healthy

with spicy papaya salad (Som Tum) and

homemade pasta. “Mac n Tum”

•Innovations from Cambodia:

1)• “Mini Amok” Portion of fish sandwich

stew and sauce.

Indonesian Innovations:

2)• (Tempeh Orek) pastry stuffed with sauce

barbecue and pepper, onion, meat of all

types. “Pastel Java”

3)• Nachos with salad (Urab Sayur)

boiled vegetable salad and dressing (sambal)

spicy, salad helps to dilute the spicy taste.

“Java Nachos”

Innovations from India:

4)• “Indian Chicken” Basically the typical chicken in

Indian butter but without being marinated in

yogurt like the Indians do, and it can be

marinated in vegetable oil or soy sauce.

5)• “Indian Yogurt” Can be served in the form

most suitable for fast food, such as

the “Slurpee” the scratch card, which may have more than

a taste.

Innovations from South Korea:

6)• “Kimchi Dough” Can be used to

to eat roasted or accompanied by stuffing

apple pie, thus being bittersweet by the

their compositions.

7)• “Korean Soup” can be served in parts

at the buffet with many variations, such as the “clam

chowder” giving a more familiar face to the

American dishes.

Because these ideas could be



US Cuisine is mainly composed

of fast food and other meal variations, having

a lack of branding and originality unlike the

Brazil for example, Americans greatly appreciate

foods from Asia mainly the foods

Chinese and Thai being the most popular,

then this “Fusion” between the dining styles would be

the most valid form of innovation in the market, because

is to take something that is already familiar to the general public and

make it more differentiated and tasty as possible,

bringing some well-known snacks and others not

in an innovative way that attracts more public,

based on eliminating ingredients that would perhaps bring

a disinterest or estrangement towards something else

commercial and familiar to the general public, replacing

some ingredients. I'm sure it's something

can be tested and could work very well on account

of the innovation factor, which will always draw attention

of a new audience. Reminding the reader that these

dishes are not necessarily unique to their

respective nations, and may vary

depending on the country.


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