Efficient packaging design

Efficient packaging design   The following will list proposals and ideas about secondary packaging of goods for the purpose of transport, will also be related other ways of use and if it is really necessary to use them, perceptions and points of view for the use of this equipment accompanied by its advantages, containing a brief description of how this affect the consumer at the time of purchase.  • We can start by talking about the improvements that each secondary packaging could offer in its composition, and each product has numerous different characteristics, but from a perspective More generally, we have the following ideas:  • Significant size reduction, using materials lighter with less volume, without giving up too much protection.  • Transform, if possible, the primary packaging and secondary into one, thus saving on all its stages of production and delivery to the consumer. Now On the influence of secondary packaging on consumer purchase:  • Yes, most of the time secondary pa

What Is Your Revolutionary Idea for the Next Digital Pen?

 What Is Your Revolutionary Idea for the Next Digital Pen?

What Is Your Revolutionary Idea for the Next Digital Pen?

Let's go
1°) About The touch pen usually has a single problem, that depending on the person, it will have to get used to writing or drawing without touching the device itself, because if it touches it, the famous “miss click” will happen,

 which occurs when you accidentally touch the screen of your device.

2°) The only pen on the market that solves this problem is the apple pencil, but taking into account that you will have to have around RS 1,135.00 on hand.

3rd) Note! My proposal is to make it like apple with a single differential, which is cheaper, because the cheaper this pen is, the easier it will be to sell, thinking about the value to be considered, managing to lower 

from 40% to 50% would have the power to reach + 400 % of the consumer public, as I myself and some acquaintances have already commented on the price of this apple pencil, We came to a conclusion 

that because it is just a pen, it has its very high value, compared to the standard of purchases of the public world in the times of today, with world pandemics and much more, it is wise to think about this, because with globalization, 

the whole world consumes a certain product, when it has an easily acquired value on world scales, because we always win competitions when we present an efficient product and with softer prices.
 4°) The pen will have a button on the top side, which will serve to erase what you have just done, and can be used in writing applications such as samsung notes or similar app or in a drawing application such as: 

Procreate; PicsArt Photo Studio and the Art flow.
 5°) The pen model would be thin because all the pens on the market follow the same design and making it like a simple bic pen would give people a feeling of familiarity with the product without them knowing.
The color of the Product could be colored to attract the attention of children and adults alike, but the tip must always be white, to emphasize that our product is made from our brand.

7°) With the connection via bluetooth, there would be no lag, and with the button on the top side of the pen, the person will not need to click on the eraser to erase their error, making it faster for them to do what they want faster and efficient.

8°) I even thought of a pen that could read a QRCold, with receipt links and payment orders, we can think about it, because the limit in technologies is an endless universe.

Note: We also have a second thought, I think it's worth studying.

1) Innovations for Digital Pens
Types of proposed innovations: The article is separate
in 4 parts, material innovations as raw materials to be
used in the manufacture of pens, software innovations such as
programs and apps, physical innovations such as better use and practicality
handling, accessory innovations that can be removed to
best use as needed.
Material innovations:
• Matte material on the outside of the pen for greater
• Lithium battery, in addition to not “addicting”, certain models can be
easily purchased at hardware stores, making production cheaper and
improving pen durability.
• Silicone aluminum for greater quality, strength and
• Silver, titanium and zinc for added strength.
• Stainless steel and satin finish for better quality.
• Use better material for cell phone skins.
• Recyclable material, lighter to hold and grip
• Handle with sweat resistant material,
• More comfortable rubber grip.
• Silver for long-lasting writing with virtually no need
put ink, it serves more for a more ideal rustic writing
for an emergency if you run out of pen.

Software innovations:
•A) Automatic shutdown after a certain time of inactivity,
saves battery being able to regulate this time in the application.
• B) Intuitive application on mobile and computer.

2) Touchscreen mode being able to change in the app or change the tip
of the pen.
• Improve accuracy and response time when in use.
• Activation button color indicating selected function,
able to activate speaker mode.
• Multiple in-app functions with multiple modes like:
touchscreen, writing, drawing and reading pen ideal for
study languages.
• Sensor to verify payments, beep barcodes and
QA Code, ideal for those who work with conference
goods, being able to write digitally and
analogously with one-click function switching
• Compatible with any screen device, using app
• When Write the speaker function will map the
writing, and speaking with assistant-like voice function
virtual like Cortana and Alexa.
• Thick Tip that can write on any surface, the
pen sensor will map and transcribe into a document
• Thermometer function, for working with temperature.
• Capacitor and multimeter function, for work with
• Digital display, similar to a smartwatch.

Physical Innovations:
• Facilitate left-handed handling.
• Ideal size for most hands.
• It can also function as a ruler by format, ideal
to cut paper.
• Water proof, or water resistant.
• Children's version for children, ideal for study functions.
• Improve tilted pen operation, improving
precision and functioning, use of more flexible material.
• Firmer material that does not sink too much when pressing
for more practical use.

3) Foldable in the middle for better carrying in your pocket.
• Moisture and drop resistant.
• Switch from physical to digital pen with just one click of

Accessory innovations:
• Plastic cutter.
• Steel line to attach to any surface.
• USB and Micro ssd ports for on-screen file access or
using some software.
• Usb output to transfer files and etc.
• Exchange of graphite for physical writing, attachable eraser for
works like drawings.
• Removable tip for digital and physical writing, there may be
several tips for the most diverse functions.
• Support for quick withdrawal, which can serve as a charger.
• Support for key chain and belts.
• Protective bag with soft rubber protecting the tip.
• User manual as an audio tutorial recorded in the application of the
• Magnet on the pen holder.
• Pen holder and charger with plug-in socket, without
need for different inputs to load, being able to
stick to the socket without risk of falling.


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