Efficient packaging design

Efficient packaging design   The following will list proposals and ideas about secondary packaging of goods for the purpose of transport, will also be related other ways of use and if it is really necessary to use them, perceptions and points of view for the use of this equipment accompanied by its advantages, containing a brief description of how this affect the consumer at the time of purchase.  • We can start by talking about the improvements that each secondary packaging could offer in its composition, and each product has numerous different characteristics, but from a perspective More generally, we have the following ideas:  • Significant size reduction, using materials lighter with less volume, without giving up too much protection.  • Transform, if possible, the primary packaging and secondary into one, thus saving on all its stages of production and delivery to the consumer. Now On the influence of secondary packaging on consumer purchase:  • Yes, most of the time secondary pa

Alianças De Casamento 4mm 18K

Marca: Alianças 18K

De um click na imagem e va até a loja.

Meterial: Aço Staninless

Tamanho do anel: tamanho dos eua #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13

Chapeamento:3 vezes fino polimento espelho acabamento 18k banhado a ouro

Ocasiões:Festa/baile de formatura/aniversário/compras/uso diário

Aliança de casamento 18K

  • Nome da marca: Yanleyu
  • Material: Metal
  • Origem: CN (Origem)
  • Tipo de metal: STAINLESS STEEL
  • Sexo: Unissex
  • Estilo: TRENDY
  • Tipo de anel: Faixas de casamento
  • Forma \ padrão: ROUND
  • Largura da superfície: 4mm
  • Compatibilidade: Todos Compatíveis
  • Número do modelo: R050
  • Tipo de engaste: Nenhum
  • Fino ou na moda: moda
  • Ocasião: Engajamento
  • Tipo de Item: Anéis
  • Stamp: 18K
  • Package: Gift box


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