Efficient packaging design

Efficient packaging design

Efficient packaging design 

The following will list proposals and ideas about secondary packaging of goods for the purpose of transport, will also be related other ways of use and if it is really necessary to use them, perceptions and points of view for the use of this equipment accompanied by its advantages, containing a brief description of how this affect the consumer at the time of purchase. 

• We can start by talking about the improvements that each secondary packaging could offer in its composition, and each product has numerous different characteristics, but from a perspective More generally, we have the following ideas: 

• Significant size reduction, using materials lighter with less volume, without giving up too much protection. 

• Transform, if possible, the primary packaging and secondary into one, thus saving on all its stages of production and delivery to the consumer. Now On the influence of secondary packaging on consumer purchase: 

• Yes, most of the time secondary packaging causes a strong impression on the consumer, as they do not have often the aesthetic objective, they are like this to cheapen costs, it could often be thought of as a unique and resistant packaging that keeps the marketing of the brand, without compromising its transport and possible damage to charge, all these variables are a gamble, we see that in the current market, the packaging model is chosen primary and secondary, so companies have already done your choice in a majority way, concluding the report, yes secondary packaging influences the consumer negatively but this can be repaired but there will be always a waiver on the part of the producers, as possible defect in the appearance of the packaging or defect in product, with possible damage due to lack of care with the product, as a result of these choices, it is producers to think about this choice.

Efficient packaging design


• The main advantage of using secondary packaging as is already known is the safety of the product, and also the easier storage of these, we can cite as example beverage bottles, where the process of unit-to-unit logistical transport would be unfeasible, thus being a secondary package to facilitate and ensure cargo and carrier safety, separator etc. 

• What can be seen has already been mentioned, but it is already on the market unique packaging that “apparently” fulfills its marketing function and cargo quality assurance. 

• Realized that it is not necessarily always mandatory to have secondary packaging in the products, but most of the time it becomes indispensable, mainly for small products or products fragile, the remaining argument of this assertion is already is previously mentioned. 

• We can provide some transportation alternatives, some already used are pallets or shrinking the load in question. • For small products we can mention the possibility there are “stores on the transport vehicle” also for fragile products.

 • Hooks for hanging bags on means of transport. 

• We can cite food packaging with large quantities, such as juice. that sometimes comes in gallons and many are not ideal for immediate consumption, but with minor modifications this can be changed, with the insertion of funnel tips, the same applies to other liquids such as tin paints, which almost always have that straight cap, with just a proper curvature already can be a differential, at the time of use, keeping the safety of the original packaging. 

Efficient packaging design


• Now we can be more specific, like materials that spoil or damage the packaging a lot, such as screws or nails, the packages always tear and that could be a problem, the solution could be quite simple, instead of plastic bags or cardboard boxes, a A better option would be a plastic pot, which is more resistant and Not very costly, it offers extra protection and prevents losses for both the consumer and the stockist. • An innovative proposal would be a retro packaging mountable, it can serve as secondary packaging, it has as a proposal to be reused many times, at the time of transport various loads it can serve as a wrapper and transported and can be assembled and disassembled and fitted to the transport vehicle as shown in the photo a follow.


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